Regular Classroom Course For X to XI Moving Students

Regular Classroom Course For X to XI Moving Students

Specialy Designed for 10th Passed / Appearing Students Aiming for various Medical Entrance Examination in 2026.

Admission is going on from 25th November, 2023

: This course is designed for those students who have set their target for NEET  examination. During this course we help students build up solid foundation of concepts and analytical approach towards problem solving. Our specially designed syllabus covers NEET Examination in step by step manner with confident backup to XI & XII Class exams.

Course Name :
Duration Two Years
Total Hrs. 1200 hrs. to 1350 hrs.
Admission Adm. Entrance Test
Course Code 02
Classes in a week 6 days
Classes per day 3 classes
Class Duration 07:45 AM to 01:35 PM , 03:30 PM to 07:30 PM
No. of Students in a Batch 50 to 60

BIOME Aptitude Test (BAT)

Scholarship Criteria & Conditions according to Board Marks
[A] Code Scholarship Eligibility for NEET Scholarship %
GSP01 For any State Board (X) [ Top 15 Merit Students ] 30%
GSP02 For CBSE X Board [ 10.0 CGPA or Above] 25%
GSP03 For ICSE X Board [ 90% or Above ] 25%
GSP04 For any State Board (X) [ 85% or Above ] 25%
GPS05 For CBSE X Board [ 9.5 CGPA or Above] 20%
GPS06 For ICSE X Board [ 85% or Above ] 20%
GPS07 For any State Board (X) [ 80% or Above ] 20%
GPS08 For CBSE X Board [ 9.0 CGPA or Above ] 15%
GPS09 For ICSE X Board [ 80% or Above ] 15%
GPS10 For any State Board (X) [ 75% or Above ] 15%
GPS11 For CBSE X Board [ 8.5 CGPA or Above ] 10%
GPS12 For ICSE X Board [ 75% or Above ] 10%
GPS13 For any State Board (X) [ 70% or Above ] 10%
GPS14 For CBSE X Board [ 8.0 CGPA or Above ] 5%
GPS15 For ICSE X Board [ 70% or Above ] 5%
GPS16 For any State Board (X) [ 65% or Above ] 5%
Other Criteria & Conditions to get Scholarship
[A] Code Scholarship Eligibility for NEET Scholarship %
GSP30 Wards of Defence Person 5%
GSP31 Wards of Police Person 5%
GSP32 Two real brother/sister studying in same academic session (each child for class.) 5%
GSP33 Wards of Dr. Person 5%
GSP34 Special consideration is given to student, who lost his/her father 5%

Note : Scholarship at a time ( Either from [A] + A student is eligible to get [C] or from [B] + [C]). The Scholarship are offered only on Tuition Fee (excluding Reg. Fee + Study Material + Test Fee + KIT + GST ). The Student is required to submit the proof for the same to avail respective scholarship.

Required Documents for Admission:
The students applying for this course should attach to the Admission Form, two recent passport size colour photographs and self attested photocopy of mark-sheet & Admit Card of last Board Exam.

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