Regular Classroom Course For X to XI Moving Students

Regular Classroom Course For X to XI Moving Students

Specialy Designed for 10th Passed / Appearing Students Aiming for various Medical Entrance Examination in 2021.

Admission is going on from 25th November, 2018

: This course is designed for those students who have set their target as AIIMS, JIPMER & NEET like examination. During this course we help students building up solid foundation of concepts and analytical approach towards problem solving. Our specially designed syllabus covers AIIMS, JIPMER & NEET Exam. in step by step manner with confident backup to XI & XII Class exams.

Course Name :
Duration Two Years
Total Hrs. 1200 hrs. to 1350 hrs.
Admission Adm. Entrance Test
Course Code 02
Classes in a week 6 days
Classes per day 2 or 3 classes
Class Period hrs. 1.3 hrs
No. of Students in a Batch 50 to 60

BIOME Aptitude Test (BAT)

Scholarship Criteria & Conditions according to Board Marks
[A] Code Scholarship Eligibility for NEET Scholarship %
GSP01 For any State Board (X) [ Top 15 Merit Students ] 30%
GSP02 For CBSE X Board [ 10.0 CGPA or Above] 25%
GSP03 For ICSE X Board [ 90% or Above ] 25%
GSP04 For any State Board (X) [ 85% or Above ] 25%
GPS05 For CBSE X Board [ 9.5 CGPA or Above] 20%
GPS06 For ICSE X Board [ 85% or Above ] 20%
GPS07 For any State Board (X) [ 80% or Above ] 20%
GPS08 For CBSE X Board [ 9.0 CGPA or Above ] 15%
GPS09 For ICSE X Board [ 80% or Above ] 15%
GPS10 For any State Board (X) [ 75% or Above ] 15%
GPS11 For CBSE X Board [ 8.5 CGPA or Above ] 10%
GPS12 For ICSE X Board [ 75% or Above ] 10%
GPS13 For any State Board (X) [ 70% or Above ] 10%
GPS14 For CBSE X Board [ 8.0 CGPA or Above ] 5%
GPS15 For ICSE X Board [ 70% or Above ] 5%
GPS16 For any State Board (X) [ 65% or Above ] 5%
Other Criteria & Conditions to get Scholarship
[A] Code Scholarship Eligibility for NEET Scholarship %
GSP30 Wards of Defence Person 5%
GSP31 Wards of Police Person 5%
GSP32 Two real brother/sister studying in same academic session (each child for class.) 5%
GSP33 Wards of Dr. Person 5%
GSP34 Special consideration is given to student, who lost his/her father 5%

Note : Scholarship at a time ( Either from [A] + A student is eligible to get [C] or from [B] + [C]). The Scholarship are offered only on Tuition Fee (excluding Reg. Fee + Study Material + Test Fee + KIT + GST ). The Student is required to submit the proof for the same to avail respective scholarship.

Required Documents for Admission:
The students applying for this course should attach to the Admission Form, two recent passport size colour photographs and self attested photocopy of mark-sheet & Admit Card of last Board Exam.